Our story begins with the Unification of Italy, in 1861. For over 150 years, from generation to generation, we commit ourselves daily to the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil quality, combining taste and respect for the land.
Today we are Alessandra, Carlo and Giustiniano, the latest generation, following the example of those who preceded us, who continue the work with the same commitment and passion, according to the company tradition, oriented towards constant renewal without losing the original traditional crafts. For our customers, with whom we have built a good relationship of trust, we are "The Brothers of Oil", they like to call us in this way. They saw us grow up eating "bread and oil" in our mill and learning the trade that we do today. Our interest is to offer on the market an extra virgin olive oil that comes from experience and passion for tradition. Verna extra virgin olive oil is a typical niche product, an oil of excellent quality.
Currently our goal is connected to health prevention, improvement and innovation. We have recently changed our manufacturing processes with new machinery technology, reducing the storage times of olives and production lead time, so we can guarantee a healthy extra virgin olive oil, which maintains its
organoleptic properties and offers health benefits and also an extra-virgin olive oil with a unique and good taste.

”Towards innovation preserving the experience and tradition for a quality extra virgin olive oil”.


"A successful team beats with one heart"