The olive harvest is done by hand from October to November, with a compressed air system that shakes down the olives. The leaves are removed from the olives, and then these are carefully selected.

For us, to obtain a good extra virgin olive oil, it is important to focus on the continuous research of quality raw materials. After selection, the olives are washed and sent to the press for pressing. The olive paste is obtained thanks to a machinery made up of hammers and movable knives, in the subsequent phase of grinding they enter a steel tank where they are gently mixed, making sure that the temperature never exceeds 80°F (cold-press). The low processing temperatures preserve the taste, the smell and the typical taste of the freshly harvested fruit.

The extraction takes place by centrifugation, separating ther solid part called “Sansa” from the liquid one called “Mosto”. Finally, the liquid part is again centrifuged to remove the watery part, obtaining a very pure extra virgin olive oil. The continuous monitoring of all the phases of production and conservation guarantees the final quality of our “yellow gold”. After being analised in the laboratory, it is passed to the bottling and marketing & sales departments.