Evo is made exclusively from local olives, mainly from the Gentile di Chieti variety, carefully selected and immediately processed in an oil press with a continuous cold pressing system. Our extra virgin olive oil is characterised by a medium fruity taste, slightly bitter and with a final note of spiciness. Its enviable organoleptic properties are capable of enhancing the flavors of the dishes on the table without overwhelming them, combining a low acidity and a high number of peroxides, antioxidants and vitamins that make it an extremely healthy and high quality product.

Available in bottles of 250/500/750 ml or in square tins of 3 or 5 litres.

ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Verna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made for those who choose a healthy, natural and balanced diet. Produced exclusively with the organic farming method, which does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but only natural substances. Oil comes from Italian organic olives of different cultivars including Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Cucco, which are processed with the continuous cold system within 4 hours of collection. Our Bio Oil has a green color and is characterized by a medium fruity aroma and a balanced flavour.


The VERNA "Intosso" organic extra virgin olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from Italian organic olives of the Intosso variety. Cold-extracted product immediately after the harvest and selection of the olives. Medium fruity oil where we have a good balance between bitter and spicy hints. Ideal for seasoning raw legume and vegetable soups, carpaccio, grilled white or red meats and fish.

Verna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil goes perfectly with raw and cooked vegetables, soups, and grilled fish, or you can try it by simply drizzling some over a slice of toast. Organic, natural, good, right oil.

Available in bottles of 500 ml or in square tins of 3 or 5 litres.

Verna PDO

The Verna PDO is reserved for an extra virgin olive oil of not less than 50% of the “Gentile di Chieti” variety and not more than 40% of the Leccino variety. Other cultivars can be present in olive groves for up to
10%. The name of this certification may be accompanied by additional geographical indications depending on the production area and the different percentages of the olive varieties used.
The harvest is carried out directly from the tree by hand or a mechanical system, during the period between 20th October and 20th December of each year. The maximum yield of olives in oil cannot exceed 22%. The oil has a green to yellow color; a fruity taste and a fruity smell with subtle to intense nuances. Certified product by the Chamber of Commerce.
Available in bottles of 500 ml.

Citrus Oils "Gli Aromattizzati"

The citrus oils are the specialities of our production, with lemon or orange. The main feature of this dressing is the simultaneous pressing of the lives and citrus, whose selection depends on their maturation and variety. During the manufacturing process we do not use just an essences, but rather the whole fruit. This allows us to obtain a natural product with a unique and delicate flavour.
Faithful to our innovative spirit, in just a few years, we have enriched this line with new oils flavoured with mint, ginger, chilli and basil espectively obtained from sweet Ligurian mint leaves or untreated ginger or basil or chilli, ground at the same time and processed with the new continuous cold process.

These oils, with an extremely palatable taste, can be used to customise and make unique dishes based on fish, meat, salads and desserts.

Available in bottles of 250 ml.