"Gli Aromatizzati" Verna cooking a good and different dish becomes the simplest thing


Citrus Oils "Gli Aromatizzati"

With our line of oil, nominated "Gli Aromatizzati", we wanted to express our innovative spirit and these represent authentic specialties of our production. "Gli Aromatizzati" were born with lemon and orange citrus oil, then over the years, thanks to their success, we have decided to enrich this line with new products: oil flavored with mint, ginger, basil, and as the latest, with chilli.

Their main feature is given by the simultaneous pressing of the olives and fruits, selected on the basis of their maturation and type. For the realization of these oils, we carefully choose the raw materials, based on their quality and origin. The leaves of Ligurian sweet mint and fresh basil, ginger, untreated oranges and lemons, chillies are pressed at the same time as the olives and processed with our colding process, a latest generation system, that is able to preserving all the natural properties and organoleptic. During the manufacturing process we do not use just an essences, but rather the whole fruit. This allows to obtain a natural product with a unique and delicate flavor. You could use these oils, extremely pleasant taste on the palate, to personalize and make unique first and second dishes based on fish, meat, salads and desserts.


Product Information



Light Fruity

Colding Process

100% Natural

Blend - Cultivar: Gentile di Chieti, Leccino

Low acidity

High Polyphenols


Bottles: 250 ml

100% Made in Italy

Shipping US/UE